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Stand in the OU Students Elections and Make a Difference

The Students Association elections are a chance for any student to get involved in how the Students Association is run, either through voting or standing for a position. If you have time to get involved, there are several positions available. Elections are a chance for any student to nominate themselves for a vacant position and for students to then vote for their preferred candidate to represent them.

If you would like to be involved but don’t feel you have the time to commit to one of these roles, you can still have your say by using your vote! The Students Association also has several volunteer opportunities throughout the year with varied time commitments, if you need more flexibility but would like to meet fellow students, help your peers and/or gain skills.

All the roles have a specific set of responsiblities and remits for the successful candidates to follow. Please look at the specific remit of a role before nominating yourself, to make sure the role is right for you.

The vacant roles are:

Presidential, Council and Trustee Roles

  • Presdident - remit of role
  • Deputy President - remit of role
  • Student Member of Council - remit of role
  • Student Trustee x6 - remit of role

  • Vice President Roles

  • VP Education - remit of role
  • VP Administration - remit of role
  • VP Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - remit of role
  • VP Community - remit of role
  • VP Engagement - remit of role
  • VP Student Support - remit of role

  • Area Rep Roles

  • England - remit of role
  • Wales - remit of role (CYM), remit of role (ENG)
  • Scotland - remit of role
  • Ireland - remit of role
  • International - remit of role

  • Faculty Rep Roles

  • WESLS- remit of role
  • Business & Law - remit of role
  • Open & Access - remit of role
  • Arts & Social Sciences - remit of role
  • STEM - remit of role

  • When will the elections take place?

    The full elections are held every two years, as those who are elected will be in their roles for two years.

    Nominations for positions open on Tuesday 22 March and close Tuesday 5 April. If you wish to stand for a election for any other the vacant positions, you will need to submit your application and manifesto during this time period.

    To apply, you must submit an application online via the Students Association, where you can find futher information on the elections and on applying

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