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The Open University has a new Student Charter

Today marks the launch of the new Student Charter

Dr Liz Marr - Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) and Sarah Jones - OU Students Association President are delighted with the refreshed Student Charter. Take a look at the video and see what they had to say about it.

During the academic year 2020-21 a major review of the Student Charter was undertaken with students at its heart. The review group was chaired by the Deputy President of the Students Association and involved several other students.

The first activity was to invite all students to take part in a consultation during Student Voice Week 2019. It was really important to take on board student opinion, and involve students every step of the way, so that it could genuinely be said that the refreshed Student Charter was developed in partnership.

The new Student Charter describes how our OU Community works and what we can expect from one another. It is our shared commitment to its values that ensures it remains a meaningful document; celebrated and reflected in our everyday experiences.

The Student Charter is the foundation of our OU community and a reminder to us all, staff and students, that by working together, we do better. It is our commitment to being inclusive, innovative and responsive that drives us all to work together towards a common purpose.

Tim Blackman - Vice Chancellor

Two very important aspects of Student Voice are reflected in the values of the Student Charter:

5. We actively support the Students Association to engage with all its members to foster a vibrant student community and to promote student interests.

6. We actively support student engagement in University decision-making, ensuring the feedback loop is closed; and commit to building partnership between staff and students.

You said...

The Student Charter is considered an important document, one that promotes the values and behaviours expected from those part of the OU community...

We did...

A new set of values have been developed for the Student Charter based on your feedback, which articulate the behaviours we should all aspire to.

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If you would like to learn more about Student Consultation and how you can get take part, click here.