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From OU graduate to OU employee –

So, do they listen?

It’s not easy studying as a distance learner and maintaining an altogether different level of commitment. So, I am incredibly proud of my achievements at The Open University (OU), having recently completed my degree in Business Management with a 2.1.

Since graduating, I’ve actually joined the OU as an intern, working as part of the Student Voice team in The Office of the PVC (Students).The team are passionate about promoting the opportunities that students have, to be heard and make an impact on the work of the University.

For me, this is something I was totally unaware of during my studies. I spent my entire student journey just getting on with things, assuming “it’s just how it is”. I didn’t know about the many ways I could share my views or that the OU value student feedback and are keen to hear what we have to say.

I didn’t seek to find other ways to engage any further than I needed to. I didn’t have the time. I was fitting my studies around a full-time job and family commitments and was without doubt the busiest I’d ever been.

My own study experience will help me to support the team and the way we promote Student Voice in the future. We will look to offer a variety of feedback channels with varying levels of time commitment in order to reach the wider student body.As a student I needed something that caught my attention, that was relevant at the time and that resonated with me to make me want to engage.

Many of your fellow students are likely to feel just the same as you about their study experience – shared hopes, issues and concerns. However, how many take the time to share?

Your opinion does really matter – I see it every day at work.

You said...

You would like a website giving details of the availability of OU online services that students could check in the event of being unable to access them.

We did...

The OU system status website is now available for all students to access which gives you live updates on our key services as well as details of any planned maintenance.

So my advice to you is: Register an interest with the Student Voice, feedback where you can. It might just make a change to your own study experience. It could be the legacy you leave to the next cohorts of students.