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Panels, Representation and other initiatives

The Open University together with the OU Students Association are dedicated to continuously develop our students and the student experience by offering a number of projects and initiatives to get involved with. Working alongside staff and other students, you will also build your personal skillset, help further your career aims and develop your skills in communication, collaboration and more.

curriculum design student panel

Curriculum Design Student Panel

Would you like to help shape the OU curriculum? The panel provides a means for students to work with staff in the early development and design of modules..

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Library Student Panel logo

Library Student Panel

Library Services is committed to working with you to improve existing services and resources and to develop new ones. Examples of the types of research activity include website usability testing, telephone interviews, online surveys and forums.

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Student Shadowing

Student Representation

OU students are given the opportunity to be involved in academic representation through volunteering roles, ensuring that we are working on projects that matter to you. What to know what it's like to be a Student Represetative? Take a look at the video below.

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virtual internship

Virtual Internships

Find out what students think about virtual internships and discover their top tips for a successful one.

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graduate school

Graduate School

The OU’s Graduate School supports a postgraduate research student (PGRS) population of nearly 1000 students, doing their PhDs or Professional Doctorates (also referred to as 'Research Degree' directly at the OU or at one of our Affiliated Research Centres.
Our main source of formal student feedback is the national Postgraduate Researcher Experience Survey (PRES) which asks PGRS about their experience of their research degree programme; we participate every two years. Once we have the results we work them into an Action Plan that we disseminate to the students and staff. The monthly postgraduate research student (PGRS)/Graduate School (GS) liaison group exists to facilitate regular communication between PGRS and the Graduate School on institution-wide issues affecting PGRS. We encourage students to let their faculty representative know if they have feedback on an issue that is affecting all or some students.

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