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The Open University Students Association provides individual representation service for all students.

The need for individual representation of any student at the OU was identified by the Association through research and consultation work with its members. It was a service that the Association had not previously offered but was available at peer student unions. Student representatives were frequently approached by students asking for this type of service to be provided.

An individual representation service was therefore included as a key project in the current Association strategy: to undertake a feasibility study, and then make recommendations for a potential service in this area. Following this feasibility study, a business case which was presented, funding was approved and the Association can now provide any student with support and advice.

The Individual Representation Service is for all students at the OU and can individually support any student around complaints, appeals, plagiarism and misconduct.

The Students Association note ‘we are independent from the University and can provide individual representation to students who have an existing complaint. Sometimes going through the University's regulations and procedures can be tough on your own, so we are here to provide you with advice and support.’ (

Please find the link to this service here where you can find a wealth of support, information and guidance – and which is a direct result of students having their voices heard.