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Message from Acting Vice-Chancellor: Review of change at the OU

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We have previously shared information with you about a programme called Students First Transformation. This programme was designed to help us make efficiencies to our operations and to invest in the student experience.

I was appointed to this post in April, one of my first actions as Acting Vice-Chancellor was to start a review of this programme in response to feedback we had received from our staff and the Open University Students Association.

This review has now been carried out and a report of recommendations has been shared with the University’s Council, our governing body, and has also been shared with our staff. The report recommends a more consultative, carefully paced and targeted approach in future.

We have recently told you about changes we are making to the OU’s curriculum. (LINK) In addition to this, we will be focusing future change at the OU on three priority areas which all impact on students; :improving student success; streamlining processes and investing in our IT systems. We will also be fostering greater partnership working with the OU Students Association to involve student representatives more closely in decision-making at the University.

There is a lot of good work to build on as we move forward and the University will now agree an implementation plan for future change in the autumn, working with the OU Students Association to ensure that the views of students are represented. We will provide another update to you at that time.

Best wishes

Mary Kellett
Acting Vice-Chancellor