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Gain a greater understanding of the OU by being part of the Student Shadowing Scheme

The Student Shadowing scheme is the opportunity for an OU student to visit a staff member of the OU, in order to gain a greater understanding of an OU unit, process or initiative.

It allows the chance to observe the daily workings of an individual or team and be in the position to offer student focused feedback. Students will have travel and subsistence expenses paid.

I found it really helpful to have a student in the room and Laura was interested and always willing to share her perspective on what we were doing.

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Why be part of the scheme?

I think this shadowing scheme is a great way for students to gain an understanding of what happens within the university...

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As a student, you will get the opportunity to shadow staff members at The Open University and network with Higher Education professionals.

It will allow you to understand how the OU works to support its students, and gain an insight into the environment at your institution through understanding the needs and priorities of a department or faculty. You will have the opportunity to give feedback to the OU and raise issues as and where appropriate.

How do you get involved?

We will list all opportunities below and they are open to all Open University students. Travel and subsistence expenses will be paid so all you need is an enquiring mind and a willingness to share your visit with other students. Details will change so make sure you keep coming back to check as new opportunities arise.

The shadowing experience has filled me with hope that a more inclusive educational future is upon us...

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